Agtelligence growing from strength to strength

Agtelligence growing from strength to strength

Agtelligence have received UK Space Agency funding to develop their innovative climate service project ‘FarmScore’, exploring Earth Observation for land management and biodiversity.

The funding comes from the UK Space Agency Award for inspiring new climate services with the support of Space4Climate.

Earth observation data is the only scalable technology available for environmental monitoring. Agtelligence’s research is pushing the boundaries of what can be observed and inferred from satellites, their research is developing metrics to understand how land management impacts soil health, biodiversity, water and carbon.

Agtelligence supports corporates to help the environment, by taking complex earth observation data and simplifying it, and by giving people access to the data, it allows meaningful action. The outcome of the joint project with the University of Leicester is building a monitoring tool that can enable everyone to track the environmental outcome of land management.

Environmental projects can help improve communities’ health and wellbeing by reducing pollution levels, providing access to clean water, and promoting sustainable practices. They can also create new job opportunities in sustainable industries, which can help to reduce poverty and inequality.

Nima Eskandari, CEO & Founder of Agtelligence: “We are deeply pleased and honoured to receive the space for climate services award supported by Space4Climate and funded by UK Space Agency. This collaboration between Agtelligence and University of Leicester is just the beginning of something larger.”

Agtelligence recently announced that they have become a member of Space4Climate, representing the UK Earth Observation community.

They also shared news of a collaboration with the prestigious Rothamsted Research, exploring the use of remote sensing technologies for the measurement of soil carbon and the assessment of soil health. This exciting project embodies Agtelligence’s commitment to utilising pioneering technology for the benefit of sustainable farming and a greener planet.

Agtelligence joined the ESA BIC UK programme in May 2022 at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, they will graduate from the programme June 2023. It has been a delight to support Agtelligence to go from strength to strength on the programme and we wish them every success for the future.