To celebrate World Entrepreneurs Day, we caught up with our incubatees and asked them to share their top tip for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as finding out a little more about their experience so far!

Meet Fred from Wonder14

Wonder14 are a visionary strategy, product and experience design and production company. They help businesses see the future and find new opportunities.

Here’s what Fred had to say …

1. What attracted you to the ESA BIC UK?   

The people who run ESA have been amazing and create the culture and environment we’re happy to be a part of. We’d looked at other similar programs and each time stepped away, because the environment wasn’t right and it wasn’t clear how we could progress more quickly inside the other programs or how rigid the framework or process is that is being imposed on you. With ESA the balance of programmed elements, network connection and other elements of the program are well done.  

2. What would you say are the qualities of a good entrepreneur? 

Patience, Listening and Customer Clarity.  You’ll always want to progress more quickly than you are. You’ll be on the wrong end of a firehose, so being able to listen to find the important information is essential. Having the clarity of the real met and unmet needs of your prospective customers is the most important guiding light you need to keep you on track.

3. What would be your ‘top tip’ for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Get out and really understand your prospective customers. Don’t just ask them what they need, but find time and space to really observe their lives. When you see the world from someone else perspective it will provide you with amazing new insight and the real clarity you need to guide you.

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