To celebrate World Entrepreneurs Day, we caught up with our incubatees and asked them to share their top tip for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as finding out a little more about their experience so far!

Meet Diana from Sensyqo

Sensyqo is an innovative IoT company dedicated to Indoor Air Quality providing you with connected device and phone app to keep track of your home environment. Sensyqo brings together innovations in technology and science to keep your home healthy and to prevent health conditions associated with poor environment.

Here’s what Diana had to say …

1. What inspired you to develop your business model/idea?  

I am fascinated with sensors and smart technologies. The reality is human senses are very limited and innovative sensors allow us to extend our “sensing” abilities. It’s especially important when we are talking about any “hidden” danger. That’s why we are developing solution to help people to stay safe and prevent negative effects of air pollutions exposure.  

2. What attracted you to the ESA BIC UK?

We’ve heard lots of positive feedbacks from ESA BIC “graduates” about the ESA BIC team and help they received during their incubation periods.  

3. What would you say are the qualities of a good entrepreneur?

Ability to stay motivated, focused and committed. Resourcefulness. Ability to find good partners and establish supporting network.    

4. What would be your ‘top tip’ for aspiring entrepreneurs? 

If you have a business idea or invention, go for it, bring it on for the benefits of humanity! Become a person on a mission. No one promised it’s going to be easy but the pursuit is worth it.  

Find out more about Sensyqo: