To celebrate World Entrepreneurs Day, we caught up with our incubatees and asked them to share their top tip for aspiring entrepreneurs as well as finding out a little more about their experience so far!

Meet Bianca from Space DOTS®.

Space DOTS® want to make your life as an advanced material and/or small component developer easy. Their platforms will test your products in harsh and hard to reach environments, at a cost that fits your qualification budgets, and in a timeframe that won’t leave your technology outdated. All the while you will have access to real-time data analytics and testing insights.

Here’s what Bianca had to say …

1. What inspired you to develop your business model/idea?  

Solving a problem we personally experienced with my co-founder when developing novel advanced mechanical and thermal solutions for next-gen TeleComm satellites’ platforms during our tenure as product managers at Airbus Defence and Space.

After managing numerous commercial and R&D projects, we saw how democratic innovation in space was unjustly stifled due to high ground testing costs, lengthy qualification procedures and hardly accessible on-orbit demonstrations.

As we firmly believe that space technology advancements are key for Humankind to thrive as a species, we decided to do something about it, to offer everyone the possibility to contribute first-hand to the adventure that is space exploration.

So Space DOTS® was born, with the mission of developing the first orbital pico-labs able to provide advanced materials and novel miniaturized components a cheaper, easier and faster route through space qualification, and to enable space market entry to a huge new group of innovators and tech pioneers. Eventually, pushing the boundaries of human knowledge beyond our solar system.

 2. What attracted you to the ESA BIC UK?  

Being part of an inspiring and flourishing local New Space ecosystem, growing our local support network, access to invaluable expert advice and collaboration with other co-incubated great businesses, accelerating access to customers and investments opportunities.

3. What would you say are the qualities of a good entrepreneur?

Being crystal clear with the culture, the vision, the leadership style, the branding and the legacy they aspire to establish, stick by those wholeheartedly, and inspire employees, advisors, customers and investors to embrace them and amplify them.

Being very comfortable and grounded while handling chaos, unknowns, multiple risks and tough decisions.

Focused, consistent, obsessed, solution-oriented, and open to continuous learning, by seeking help and being proven wrong by their team.

Seeing rejections, failures and roadblocks as just one more opportunity to pivot, redirect and improve.

4. What would be your ‘top tip’ for aspiring entrepreneurs

Make sure that the vision and the purpose fuelling your business are much bigger and more significant than a self-serving accomplishment – they will be the only reasons that will keep you going when you feel like quitting. 

Prioritize your wellbeing, and create a strong trusted support network around you – other entrepreneurs will likely become your new best friends.

Cut the noise: say no to anything and anyone that doesn’t serve your business purpose and your personal growth, you won’t have spare time nor energy for that.

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